Four Questions and Answers:

Why did I start science writing?
There is a ton of scientific research related to health, but it is sometimes hidden within subscription based academic journals. My goal is to share the science with you, the reader, with the hopes of positively influencing your understanding of and ability to maintain good health. On my end, diving into the science and trying to make sense of it all turns out to be an excellent learning tool. So as far as sharing information with others and feeding my own curiosity, writing turns out to be a win-win.

Where did my interest in physiology start?
While running on my high school track team, I became intrigued to learn why some people are fast, while others (like myself) are not so lucky, despite the same training. Thinking about this fueled my interest to learn about human physiology (how the body works). As a result, I decided on Exercise Science for my undergraduate major.

What is my background?
I earned an Exercise Science degree from Salisbury University and was excited to work in the Laboratory for Human Performance. In the laboratory, we measured oxygen consumption and power production during resistance and aerobic exercise.  Following by BS, I earned a PhD in Applied Physiology at the University of Delaware with research focusing on how diet and exercise affect heart and blood vessel health. Throughout my training, I have been lucky to have been surrounded by supportive mentors and peers.

What is in store for the future?
In addition to performing human health research, I plan to continue to read and share new, exciting, and informative health science research findings while doing my best to provide actionable takeaways.

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