Dehydration and BP.png

At this year's American College of Sports Medicine Conference, I had a chance to share some of the work our research team has been doing. 

Below is an image to help visualize the measures we made in our experiments. We measure blood pressure and heart rate at rest and during exercise. Also, we use a special electrode, about the size of an acupuncture needle, that we place into the nerve bundle in the lower leg to record nervous system activity. 


There is a lot of research looking at muscle sympathetic nerve activity, in fact a quick search on PubMed shows over 3500 articles.

Check out the video below where Ivan and I discuss some of the ways dehydration could impact how we function. To watch it here, skip ahead to 2:49. To have the video autoplay at 2:49 on youtube, click here.

For more about the research we do at the University of Delaware, check out our laboratory web page.

Thanks for reading and/or watching.


Special thanks to Ivan for the interview and Austin for editing.


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